Silica Sand

Silica is a rock forming mineral that is made by the two elements called silicon and oxygen. This mineral occurring naturally in three different crystalline forms is durable, heat resistant and chemical resistant. Silica is used in both, crystalline and sand form. The applications of this material are many in several different industries, for instance chemical, ceramic, construction, waste water, glass and plastic. In the glass industry, silica sand is used as a main ingredient in the making of glass products, for instance mirrors, bottles, light bulbs, drinking glasses and more. Moulds of silica sand are prepared to be used in foundries for producing castings. This mineral is also added in everyday ceramic products, like tiles and sanitary ware.

Our company processes sources silica sand following these steps:
Washing the grains
Removal of very fine and coarse grains
Removal of minerals, like chromium and iron
Drying the sand