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Kandla Grey Sandstone Slabs

Kandla Grey Sandstone Slabs

Ocean Group is a flagship Company in the field of natural stone industry in India. We are one of the biggest producers of Kandla Grey Sandstone, and other types of natural stone having certification for its quality production and professional approach in various processes. Ocean Group Company has its own mining facility and processing facility at Kota Rajasthan. Our stone range offers sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, quartzite and slate in different forms. Ocean Group Company follows a well defined environment management and quality management system throughout the entire process and the testimony is our esteemed clients with high satisfaction. The unique attribute of Ocean Group that provides it a competitive edge in the market is its personalized approach. Every client is assisted by personal representative who provide consulting for satisfying every query of client.

Kandla Gray Sandstone Slabs is Gray colored extremely hard sandstone because of the quartz grains being cemented together with silica and calcite. This is hard wearing sandstone. It shares the solid modern feel of bluestone and looks simply stunning laid around a pool. The colors of this sandstone are very consistent however still for very discerning customers it can still be graded in two shades Dark Gray & Light Gray.

Kandla grey Sandstone Slabs owing to the natural grey shade and because of the inherent properties of sandstone, this stone is extremely popular in the construction of paving, huge landscaping projects, window sills, lintels, kerb etc. Kandla grey Sandstone is also used for wall cladding and in other interior applications.