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Meeting market demands for several types of Natural Stones and Minerals...

Minerals and natural stones belong to the market, where there are continuous demands and customers look for the best quality. In these markets, there is a huge competition and in the race of leading the other, many companies are compromising with the quality of products. But we, Ocean Enterprises, criticize this practice. We have always believed in delivering the finest quality Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Minerals and Wall Cladding to valuable customers. By investing and re-investing in new technologies and equipment, we have been able to bring forth the collection of premium quality construction material. These materials have been tested on different quality parameters, which proven their quality. Offered materials are being used in the construction of lavishing buildings, homes, hotels, parks and many more. Apart from being used on construction sites, the range of minerals, organic compounds, we are offering are also extensively used in number of other industrial sectors, such as, in agriculture, for sewage disposal, paper and plastic industries etc. At most economical rates, this wider collection of granites, sand stones, marbles and tiles can be availed from us. Every one dreams to have a beautiful home, as there goes a lot of money, effort and hard work, when it comes to bringing your dream home into reality. Therefore, investment needs to be made on right place for right things.


Feldspar is the most abundant mineral, formed in the crust of earth. Belongs to silicate mineral group, it is formed in pink, brow, gray and white color and has Vitreous luster.


Feldspar is one of the most important materials used in the glass industry because it reduces the melting temperature of quartz, acts as a fluxing agent and aids in controlling the viscosity of glass.


In the rubber, plastic and paints industry, Feldspars are widely used as fillers and extenders because of their high chemical inertness, good dispersability, high resistance to abrasion, stable pH and resistance to frosting.


After clay, feldspar is the second essential item used in making ceramics, it does not has a strict melting point and improves the overall toughness, strength and durability of the ceramic body.


Feldspar is one of the most important material used for composition of enamel, it aids in assuring the neatness of the end product such as ceramic glazes, enamel frits, sanitaryware, electrical porcelain, giftware, etc.

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